About Nannestad bygdeliste

Nannestad bygdeliste is a block and party-politically independent electoral list, which was started in connection with the municipal elections in 2015. Bygdelista won the local election with a support of 10.9%, which resulted in 3 permanent representatives in Nannestad municipal council. We have used the time in the current election period to build an organization and gather the necessary political experience.

In the 2015-2019 election period, we have engaged in a number of cases; the closure of the local Police office, secure mail in shops in the municipality, Åslia, the artificial grass track at Bjerke stadium, new swimming hall, Bjørkemåsan, traffic safety measures and the maintenance of the public dental health service at Nannestad dental clinic to name a few.

The list of candidates for the municipal elections in September 2019 was fully subscribed, and counted 37 strong names, divided between 14 women and 23 men, from all parts of our beautiful municipality. This time we had an expressed objective that we should grow further and increase support in all the municipality’s constituencies, which we did. Our turnout this time was 13.1%, which resulted in us increasing from 3 mandates to 4 mandates.

Nannestad bygdeliste must ensure a vibrant local democracy, where the citizens’ input, in open processes, must be respected and always taken into account.


  • A separate preventive unit must be established
  • The library must be prioritized when it comes to the allocation of both funds and resources
  • We must have first-class care for the elderly, adapted to the individual’s needs
  • Åslia alpine slope is to be reopened
  • No to the introduction of property tax
  • Land registration must be abolished – yes to equal treatment
  • Yes to development, growth and development throughout the municipality – No to 80/20!
  • No to razing bogs and wetlands – Bjørkemåsan must live!
  • Yes to development of the municipal sewer network along Åsvegen
  • Establishment of municipal commercial building

Leader Morten Marthinsen

Bygdelista’s leader is Morten Marthinsen. He is 54 years old, married to Antoniette and has two children.
Morten works as a Paramedic in the OUS ambulance service and is stationed in the center of Oslo, where he has worked since 1997. Morten has been a shop steward for the Trade Union at his workplace for many years, and is the Chief shop steward for the Prehospital Clinic at Oslo University Hospital. He has many years of experience as an ice hockey referee both nationally and internationally, and has, among other things, refereed in three Paralympics (Olympics) in Lillehammer 1994, Nagano 1998 and Salt Lake City 2002. In the period 2015-2019, Morten has been group leader and municipal council representative for bygdelista. He is particularly concerned with road safety, children and upbringing, health and care.


Through the right priorities and good cooperation, we contribute to growth and development, at the same time as we ensure that the municipality appears attractive to residents, migrants, business and visitors.
Everything is connected to everything, and we exist for the citizens!

• Kindergarten and school – we want vocational subjects for Nannestad
All schools and kindergartens in our municipality must be chewable and good arenas, for play and learning. The teaching must take place in quality buildings, which must be maintained. The school districts must be preserved, and there must be a municipal kindergarten in each district. We want to strengthen the educational offer at Nannestad upper secondary school, so that too includes vocational subject

• Pedestrian and cycle paths provide better health and increased freedom of choice
Nannestad bygdeliste wants footpaths and cycleways to be established, which connect the towns in our municipality together. Seen from a health perspective, Nannestad bygdeliste have a basic idea that as many people as possible should be able to walk or cycle to school, kindergartens, work and leisure activities. This will give increased freedom of choice, better health, and greater safety when traveling in traffic.

• Health and care services – expand the supply of health nurses in schools
We must have good health care services in the municipality, and these services must have sufficient resources to solve the tasks they have. Children and young peoples mental health must be given extra attention, and we want to equality with the pupils and young people themselves, strengthen and increase the health nurse offer by all schools in the municipality. Everyone who wants it should have the opportunity to have a GP/fastlege in the municipality, and everyone who needs it, must get a place in a nursing home.

• NO to the introduction of property tax
Nannestad district list says NO to the introduction of property tax. We believe that property tax is an antisocial tax, which hits blindly in all walks of life.

• We want growth and development throughout the municipality
Nannestad bygdeliste disagrees with the regional authorities on the growth distribution principle. The regional transport and spatial plan is on a collision course with our local geography, and our wishes, when it comes to growth and development. We want growth and development in the entire municipality.

• We want the police station back in the municipality
Nannestad bygdeliste is not satisfied with all aspects of the police reform. The police lost much of the important local knowledge when we lost the local police station. The offer to have completely ordinary police services performed has also increased worse for our citizens. A long wait and a long journey lead to a lot frustration. We want the police and police services back in the municipality.

• Sport, culture and volunteering – we want a multi-purpose hall and athletics track
The voluntary work, in all the municipality’s countless teams and associations, must have good conditions, and all citizens must have the same opportunities to participate in activities, regardless of background, finances and functional level. This helps prevent alienation and loneliness. We have a lot of beautiful nature in the municipality, which opens up for good nature experiences all year round, and it is important that we take care of nature in those areas which is being developed. Nannestad bygdeliste wants a new multi-purpose hall in Holter, and then we want that an athletics track is to be built in Nannestad sports park.

• Business must have good conditions
Nannestad municipality must be an attractive and good business municipality, which contributes to good conditions for business. Companies that want to establish themselves, and already established companies will get all the information and help they need. We want a business building to be established with combined premises for letting small and medium-sized enterprises, and we imagine that this can be done already existing commercial buildings/premises.

• Climate and environment
Threats to the climate and natural diversity must be met, both nationally and internationally. Nannestad municipality must have an active role in the work to ensure a sustainable development, which ensures future generations. We must have an increased focus on nature conservation and earth protection.

These are some of the issues that concern us. The full election program will come later.