Your voice is crucial for the direction Nannestad takes in the years to come.

Today and tomorrow are the last opportunities to exercise your right to vote in the municipal election. This is an important right that we all have, and it gives us the opportunity to influence the development of our beautiful community.

Nannestad bygdeliste is proud to be your local representative, and we are passionate about preserving and strengthening what makes Nannestad a unique and good place to live. We understand the challenges and opportunities that our municipality faces, and we are here to work together with you to find the best solutions.

Remember that those who vote determine the direction Nannestad will take in the years to come. By supporting the local community list, you show your support for a policy deeply rooted in the heart of our community, with a focus on our unique needs and values.

We encourage all residents of Nannestad to exercise their right to vote, regardless of which party or list you support. Your vote matters, and it contributes to shaping the future of Nannestad.

Support Nannestad bygdeliste, a local list with a heart for Nannestad. Together, we can create an even better community for everyone.

Thank you for your participation and support!