About Nannestad bygdeliste

Nannestad bygdeliste is a party-politically independent electoral list, which was started in connection with the municipal elections in 2015. Bygdelista won the local election with a support of 10.9%, which resulted in 3 permanent representatives in Nannestad municipal council. We have used the time in the current election period to build an organization and gather the necessary political experience.

In the 2015-2019 election period, we have engaged in a number of cases; the closure of the local Police office, secure mail in shops in the municipality, Åslia, the artificial grass track at Bjerke stadium, new swimming hall, Bjørkemåsan, traffic safety measures and the maintenance of the public dental health service at Nannestad dental clinic to name a few.

The list of candidates for the municipal elections in September 2019 was fully subscribed, and counted 37 strong names, divided between 14 women and 23 men, from all parts of our beautiful municipality. This time we had an expressed objective that we should grow further and increase support in all the municipality’s constituencies, which we did. Our turnout this time was 13.1%, which resulted in us increasing from 3 mandates to 4 mandates.

Our list of candidates for the upcoming municipal elections in September 2023 is fully subscribed and counts 37 strong names, 16 women and 21 men.

Nannestad bygdeliste must ensure a vibrant local democracy, where the citizens’ input, in open processes, must be respected and always taken into account.

Candidate for mayor Thomas Kahn

Bygdelista’s candidate for mayor is Thomas Kahn. He is 47 years old and is married to Marte and has three children. Thomas works as a first officer in the Correctional Service at Romerike prison, where he has worked since 2005. Thomas is a shop steward for the Correctional Services Professional Association. For a number of years, Thomas has been involved in voluntary work in handball in Nannestad sports team in several roles. In the period 2015-2019, he was deputy representative to the municipal council. In the period 2019-2023, in addition to being a permanent member of the municipal council, he has also been deputy chairman of the upbringing and culture committee, member (Oppvekst og kulturutvalget) of the municipal planning committee (kommuneplanutvalget) and group leader of Bygdelista. Thomas is passionate about crime and drug prevention and business and town center development.

Leader Morten Marthinsen

Bygdelista’s leader is Morten Marthinsen. He is 55 years old, married to Antoniette and has two children.
Morten works as a Paramedic in the OUS ambulance service and is stationed in the center of Oslo, where he has worked since 1997. Morten has been a shop steward for the Trade Union at his workplace for many years, and is the Chief shop steward for the Prehospital Clinic at Oslo University Hospital. He has many years of experience as an ice hockey referee both nationally and internationally, and has, among other things, refereed in three Paralympics (Olympics) in Lillehammer 1994, Nagano 1998 and Salt Lake City 2002. In the period 2015-2019, Morten has been group leader and municipal council representative for bygdelista. He is particularly concerned with road safety, children and upbringing, health and care.


Through the right priorities and good cooperation, we contribute to growth and development, at the same time as we ensure that the municipality appears attractive to residents, migrants, business and visitors.
Everything is connected to everything, and we exist for the citizens!

• Kindergarten and school – we want vocational subjects for Nannestad
All schools and kindergartens in our municipality must be chewable and good arenas, for play and learning. The teaching must take place in quality buildings, which must be maintained. The school districts must be preserved, and there must be a municipal kindergarten in each district. We want to strengthen the educational offer at Nannestad upper secondary school, so that too includes vocational subject

• Pedestrian and cycle paths provide better health and increased freedom of choice
Nannestad bygdeliste wants footpaths and cycleways to be established, which connect the towns in our municipality together. Seen from a health perspective, Nannestad bygdeliste have a basic idea that as many people as possible should be able to walk or cycle to school, kindergartens, work and leisure activities. This will give increased freedom of choice, better health, and greater safety when traveling in traffic.

• Health and care services – expand the supply of health nurses in schools
We must have good health care services in the municipality, and these services must have sufficient resources to solve the tasks they have. Children and young peoples mental health must be given extra attention, and we want to equality with the pupils and young people themselves, strengthen and increase the health nurse offer by all schools in the municipality. Everyone who wants it should have the opportunity to have a GP/fastlege in the municipality, and everyone who needs it, must get a place in a nursing home.

• NO to the introduction of property tax
Nannestad bygdeliste says NO to the introduction of property tax. We believe that property tax is an antisocial tax, which hits blindly in all walks of life.

• We want growth and development throughout the municipality
Nannestad bygdeliste disagrees with the regional authorities on the growth distribution principle. The regional transport and spatial plan is on a collision course with our local geography, and our wishes, when it comes to growth and development. We want growth and development in the entire municipality.

• We want the police station back in the municipality
Nannestad bygdeliste is not satisfied with all aspects of the police reform. The police lost much of the important local knowledge when we lost the local police station. The offer to have completely ordinary police services performed has also increased worse for our citizens. A long wait and a long journey lead to a lot frustration. We want the police and police services back in the municipality.

• Sport, culture and volunteering – we want a multi-purpose hall and athletics track
The voluntary work, in all the municipality’s countless teams and associations, must have good conditions, and all citizens must have the same opportunities to participate in activities, regardless of background, finances and functional level. This helps prevent alienation and loneliness. We have a lot of beautiful nature in the municipality, which opens up for good nature experiences all year round, and it is important that we take care of nature in those areas which is being developed. Nannestad bygdeliste wants a new multi-purpose hall in Holter, and then we want that an athletics track is to be built in Nannestad sports park.

• Business must have good conditions
Nannestad municipality must be an attractive and good business municipality, which contributes to good conditions for business. Companies that want to establish themselves, and already established companies will get all the information and help they need. We want a business building to be established with combined premises for letting small and medium-sized enterprises, and we imagine that this can be done already existing commercial buildings/premises.

• Climate and environment
Threats to the climate and natural diversity must be met, both nationally and internationally. Nannestad municipality must have an active role in the work to ensure a sustainable development, which ensures future generations. We must have an increased focus on nature conservation and earth protection.

Election program for the periode 2023-2027


The local communities are central to the development of the municipality, and therefore we want to have development throughout the municipality and thereby strengthen all the local communities. We must do this while taking care of the unique nature and cultural landscape of which we are a part.

We have plenty of space in Nannestad, and therefore we must be generous with both hearts and plots. We warmly welcome immigrants, whether they come from other parts of the country, other parts of the world, or are former emigrants. Nannestad – the good life in the village!

Nannestad is located as a hub between important areas in this region, and with our central location, we shall make a positive contribution on the road to further growth and development.

Yes to development, growth and development throughout the municipality – No to 80/20!

The regional plan for land and transport lays down unfavorable guidelines in relation to where you can build out in Nannestad. The plan states that the majority of all development, 80 per cent, will take place in the center of Nannestad, while the remaining development of 20 per cent will be distributed across the rest of the municipality. This destroys the desired growth, expansion and development in our municipality, and we find it difficult to accept that. We clearly say NO to 80/20!

Nannestad bygdeliste wants population growth and settlement in the entire municipality. Technology and transport make distances short, and it is becoming increasingly easier to live and work wherever you want. We have wealth here in the village, which cannot be measured in kroner, and there are short distances to most goods and plenty of space. We want there to be construction sites and areas for scattered buildings throughout the municipality, and we want development in all the municipality’s towns. The options in terms of housing and location should contribute to Nannestad being an attractive settlement municipality.

Integration and inclusion – the importance of good venues

We want immigrants to be given the opportunity to take part in our community. Good integration is crucial and absolutely necessary for the Norwegian welfare society. Nannestad bygdeliste wants good measures that can even out the social differences and facilitate the integration of immigrants in our municipality. Good integration gives people the opportunity to give their best and to participate in society and be resources for those closest to them and for society at large. Good integration is the best medicine against alienation, parallel societies and radicalisation. The best integration starts from day one. Immigrants who will live in Nannestad must have the opportunity to get a job, become taxpayers, learn Norwegian and become participating citizens. Knowing the language is the most important prerequisite for being able to come into contact with others. Integration means that immigrants, and not least their children, should be given the opportunity to develop and utilize their resources in education, work and social life.

Kindergartens, schools, voluntary association life and workplaces are important arenas for creating a common understanding of society’s values ​​and including everyone in society. These are important integration arenas for the children and their parents. Here they come into contact with staff and parents of Norwegian children. Successful integration is about more than adherence to shared values, it is about being given the opportunity to participate and contribute.


Business must have good conditions in Nannestad and facilities must be provided for business development and commercial areas throughout the municipality. We want existing businesses, and businesses that wish to establish themselves in the municipality, to be warmly welcomed and given all the assistance they need.

We shall facilitate entrepreneurial activity and the development of a varied business life. The establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises will provide more jobs and increased tax revenues. New technology means that many people can work from home, and by making use of such opportunities burdensome commuting can be reduced. This requires a good and stable infrastructure for mobile and internet.

Facilitation must also be made for industry that manufactures and sells cultural products in the form of goods or services, also called cultural industry.

Nannestad municipality shall contribute to diversity and inclusion by creating workplaces in ordinary working life for people with developmental disabilities.

We want everyone in Nannestad to have access to high-speed broadband.

The focus will be on industrial development along the E16.

Center development

Nannestad city center must be a priority development area for Nannestad municipality, and the city center must be developed and made clear as a municipal centre. Here, service industries, commerce, housing, catering establishments, culture and other city center functions shall be prioritized.

Everything is connected to everything when dealing with town center planning. It is no use looking at building heights and car traffic, if urban space, urban life, trade, catering and culture are not included in the planning.

A comprehensive plan must be drawn up for everything that affects the city center and the objective must be that we must have a vibrant and attractive city center that the residents use.

Local business

The shops and restaurants play a key role in the local community. We see the shops and catering establishments as a very important part of creating a good local community.

Nannestad bygdeliste wants to focus on local trade, and encourages residents to support the local business community. We believe that a good range of shops helps to make the village attractive for new establishments. Convenience stores and local businesses support local activities, through sponsorship and collaboration with local teams and organisations, and the voluntary organizations are largely dependent on local supporters to be able to maintain a good sports and cultural offer.

When you shop locally, you support local jobs. You are supporting a business that pays tax, and every krone that you shop with locally is an investment in a vibrant local community.

Commercial building

Small and medium-sized businesses have a great need for locations, and there are plots of land for industrial development. It is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized companies to make such investments. We want commercial buildings to be established with combination premises to let for small and medium-sized businesses.


Agriculture has always had, and will continue to have, an important place in Nannestad. We want a varied and forward-looking agriculture in Nannestad, which can also provide valuable subsidies for business development through innovation and new creation related to food, cultural landscape and experiences.

Sports events and other events

The municipality must participate actively in events and functions that help put our municipality on the map, both locally and outside the municipal boundary.


Children and young people must have good and stimulating environments that contribute to coping and good development. Nannestad bygdeliste therefore wants safe and good kindergartens and schools. Good offers where children and young people actually live are a prerequisite. As everyday life becomes more and more sedentary, it becomes more important to design the surroundings so that they provide room for and entice play, socializing and physical expression. The growing up conditions of children and young people must be given great attention in connection with the planning and development of our urban areas.


We believe there should be full kindergarten coverage in the municipality. We want a varied nursery offer, which opens up the possibility for everyone to be offered a nursery place in their own local area. We want large and small units, private and municipal. There must be a municipal kindergarten in every settlement. The municipality’s nurseries must be good nurseries, where care and safety are the focus for both children and adults. We want to focus on stable and sufficient staffing and skilled employees.

All measures that can be implemented as preventive measures in pre-school age are money saved in a life-course perspective. We will focus on strengthening competence among the kindergartens’ staff and management, in addition to increased resources for special educational work.

Peak staffing in the municipal kindergartens

Since the early summer of 2021, Trondheim has run the “top staffing” project in eleven of its municipal kindergartens. The “top staffing” project involves having an extra adult in a full-time position. This has reduced sickness absence and sickness absence has remained at a lower level in the eleven experimental nurseries than in the other municipal nurseries. There are more people at work and this helps to ensure that the staff do not tire themselves out in the same way. Nannestad bygdeliste wants to try this out in the municipal kindergartens in Nannestad as well.


The school is an important arena for academic and social development. In Norway, children and young people have the right to primary school education with a good physical and psychosocial environment. Money must be used to look after the good schools we have in Nannestad with a view to ensuring quality and content. We must set clear goals for quality in the school. This is important for the local communities and for the municipality as a whole.

The school administration is to be strengthened by dimensioning the school’s management so that it is able to meet all the demands placed on the school of the present and the future. We will to a greater extent enable the school’s management to include, adapt, guide, support the teacher and other staff, as well as drive school development. The norm in relation to the number of children per teacher must be followed.

Nannestad municipality is well above the national average when it comes to special education. By working actively with adapted education, the percentage of children/pupils with special education should decrease.

We will give teachers and school leaders the opportunity for continuing education according to their own wishes, which will benefit the students. We want more environmental workers in our schools.

Nannestad bygdeliste will ensure that all school buildings are at all times large enough for future student growth, and all existing schools must be preserved.

Safe school roads are part of a good everyday school life and the right to a good childhood. Our children are the most precious thing we have, and Nannestad bygdeliste wants all children to get to and from school safely every single day. Seen from a health perspective, the Nannestad bygdeliste has a basic idea that as many people as possible should be able to walk or cycle to school. Pedestrian and cycle paths will be built from the school and towards the residential areas.

Zero tolerance towards bullying

Nannestad bygdeliste has zero tolerance against bullying. At any given time, over 60,000 children and young people are bullied in Norway, and this is completely unacceptable. There has been a lot of focus on bullying in schools, but bullying in kindergartens is rarely discussed. Between eight and twelve percent of kindergarten children also experience bullying, and we must take this seriously. We believe that kindergarten children should have the right to a safe and good kindergarten environment without bullying, on the same level as the pupils have in school. It is also worth mentioning that students who have dropped out of upper secondary school have said that they were exposed to bullying already in kindergarten, and in this sense work against bullying in kindergarten can also be a measure against dropping out of upper secondary education.

The schools and kindergartens must have good routines in relation to preventing and dealing with bullying. Early in should be a safety net for children, pupils and parents in nurseries and schools. It is then important that everyone who works with children and young people gets the training they need. The main rule is that inquiries related to bullying must go to the nursery school or school, and it is their task to handle them in a good way in line with the Education Act.

Leisure club/ youth club for all and youth cafe

Nannestad bygdeliste believes there should be a municipally supported leisure club in every school district.

We want the leisure club to be open several times a week. Today, the leisure club at the secondary school is only open on Thursdays. The leisure club should also stay open during parts of the school holidays and certain weekends. New and more suitable premises must be found at street level.

We want one of the days to be set aside for children and young people with disabilities and developmental disabilities. A leisure club for this group will provide a valuable arena for socializing, activities and community.

The young people in the municipality currently have few or no natural meeting places. We want arrangements to be made for the establishment of a drug-free youth cafe. The offer will give young people a place where they can meet, surf the web, eat and drink at greatly discounted prices.


We are facing challenges related to the youth environment in the municipality. This requires action and that sufficient funds are set aside for prevention over a short and long-term perspective. Nannestad is a municipality in strong growth and development, and when it comes to the areas of drugs, bullying and violence, this needs to be put on the agenda to a much greater extent.

 Business preventive health has overall responsibility for the preventive work aimed at children and young people in the municipality. The preventive work must be strengthened.

Children and young people in the municipality need more simple meeting places. The new meeting places will be established in dialogue with the pupils’ municipal council and the youth council.

We want a local duty station for the police in Nannestad

Nannestad bygdeliste is absolutely clear that we want local police back in our municipality. The service offer has in many areas become much worse for our residents. We want a police force that knows our local challenges better than is the case today. It is desirable to have a separate local service center in Nannestad, and we will go to great lengths to find suitable premises in collaboration with the police.

The police are perceived as much less accessible than before. We observe less patrolling in busy areas, as well as less availability by phone and e-mail. Police contact is in place, but an increase in the area of ​​responsibility has resulted in police contact being less visible and there is little continuity in the position and interaction. This leads to valuable information being missed and the threshold for dialogue increasing.

We are concerned about the lack of follow-up by the police when it comes to preventive work. We are particularly concerned about the increase in the sale and use of drugs/narcotic substances in the youth environment in the municipality. The Norwegian Police Directorate has been clear that the police must strengthen prevention work at all levels, through more targeted and systematic cooperation with municipalities and local communities. The preventive work in the municipality has been strengthened in recent years with outside contacts, an early entry coordinator and a co-location of resources within substance abuse and preventive health care. If we are to reach the goal in this area, we must pull the load together and the cooperation between the municipality and the police must therefore be further developed. An even closer dialogue must be established.


For us, it is natural to see the areas of sport, culture and outdoor life in context. The local and voluntary association activities must always have good conditions in Nannestad municipality. The voluntary work in the municipality’s countless teams and associations is a very important part of the diverse cultural, leisure and sports offer we have in the municipality. This helps to increase the municipality’s attractiveness and raises the quality of life for the residents.

Nannestad municipality must be an active facilitator, coordinator, partner, advisor and financial contributor. The municipality must ensure that all children, young people and adults have good access to cultural and leisure activities, regardless of social, economic or cultural background. People with various disabilities must also be included in local association life. This is important to counteract alienation and prevent loneliness.

Nannestad bygdeliste wants everyone to have the same opportunities to participate in the voluntary association’s activities, and the barriers that stand in the way of this must be removed. In our opinion, it is completely wrong that high training fees, expenses for joint trips and costs for equipment procurement should be what stands in the way of whether the individual can take part in an activity or not.

Frivillighetsentralen is central to the work of creating local meeting places that link individuals and organizations together. Bygdelista will, in the best possible way, facilitate the Voluntary Center to be able to create a good voluntary environment and good activity offers in close cooperation with the municipality.

Nannestad municipality and Romeriksåsen are an eldorado for those interested in the outdoors and it will continue to be that way. The municipality consists of and is surrounded by beautiful nature with opportunities for good nature experiences all year round. The challenge lies in taking care of the beautiful nature we have while sharing it with others.


Sports and physical activity give many of us joy, mastery and a sense of community. Sport is the movement that creates the greatest public health benefit in society, both in terms of physical activity, social interaction and psychological well-being. Arrangements must be made for sports to be able to exercise their activities in the best possible way throughout the municipality.

The local sports teams do very positive work for children and young people in Nannestad. Provision must be made for space and opportunity for unorganized activity throughout the municipality to ensure activity where people live. Children and young people who do not belong in an organized environment must also have the opportunity to express themselves, such as in outdoor areas at schools and in kindergartens, playgrounds, skate parks, etc.

Together with sports, we will facilitate the establishment of several sports.

Nannestad bygdeliste looks favorably on measures to strengthen and establish sports facilities throughout the municipality. This work must take place in close collaboration with the municipality’s sports council. We want an athletics track at Nannestadhallen and a multi-purpose hall at Eltonåsen.

Para sports

The vision of the Norwegian Sports Confederation is “joy of sport for all”. A vision that implies that sport should be open to everyone, regardless of orientation, disability, ethnicity or gender. The proportion of people with disabilities who participate in organized sports is lower than in the rest of the population. It is known that regular physical activity or training gives surplus in everyday life and effects on both physical and mental health. Over the past few years, several measures have been taken nationally to promote participation and inclusion of people with disabilities. Nannestad bygdeliste wants to facilitate so that sports teams and associations in the municipality will also be able to take care of an offer for this group.


We have a varied and versatile cultural offer in the municipality and we shall continue to have that. Nannestad bygdeliste must play on a team with the culture in the municipality and aim to ensure the best possible conditions for culture, and Nannestad cultural council becomes a natural partner in this context. Everyone must participate, and it is important to ensure good dialogue between the various cultural actors.

The municipal music and cultural school is a very important contributor to the development of a vibrant local community. Through competent and inspiring culture school teachers, the music and culture school shall contribute to awakening the creative desire in children and young people, regardless of the individual’s point of view. The offer of a music and cultural school must be made available to all children and young people.

The library is the oldest knowledge institution in our society, and a natural meeting place for many. The library in Nannestad ensures equal opportunities for a diverse user group and must be accessible to all. The library is a non-binding and free low-threshold service which, in our opinion, should be prioritized when it comes to the allocation of both funds and resources.

Cultural monuments are by definition all traces of human activity in our own physical environment and are unique and irreplaceable sources of knowledge about our own history, which contribute to the sense of identity and rootedness. Nannestad bygdeliste wants all cultural monuments in the municipality to be looked after and protected if possible.


Nannestad must have age-friendly care for the elderly, which is adapted to the individual. There must be flexible arrangements. Old and disabled people should be able to stay at home as long as they want and can. They must then be able to live in easy-care care homes with the possibility of 24-hour supervision, and when necessary, they must be sure of getting a good place in a nursing home.

Nannestad Bygdeliste will not participate in closing down long-term places at Nannestad nursing home. Today’s situation within care for the elderly in Nannestad indicates that we need the places we have.

We believe that the threshold for getting a place in a nursing home should not be too high, and as long as the need is a place in a nursing home, we will work to ensure that there are enough places to cover the need. The municipality must quality-assure that the investment framework is large enough in connection with the future rehabilitation, rebuilding and development of Nannestad nursing home.

Child protection/PPT

Child welfare services/PPT in Nannestad municipality must at all times have sufficient resources to solve the tasks they face. The municipality must ensure that the employees in these services have the necessary competence to deliver the correct measures. They must be enabled to take care of the most vulnerable children and give them the help they need.

Mental health, as an equal part of public health work, must be given a lot of attention in the municipality, and then with a particular spotlight on the mental health of children and young people. Psychiatry must be able to take care of this patient group. The municipality must ensure that the employees have the necessary competence to implement the necessary measures.

Fontenehus in Nannestad

During the first half of 2024, a department will be established in Nannestad, under “Fontenehuset Ullensaker”. “Fontenehuset Ullensaker” meets the standards of the fountain house model.

Fontenehuset (Clubhouse International) is an international rehabilitation model that offers a voluntary activity and work community for people who have or have had mental health challenges. This low-threshold service works at the crossroads between health and work, where those who want it can come to get support, guidance and a place to belong. Membership at the fountain house is free and there is no requirement for a referral from a psychologist or doctor.

Defibrillators in all municipal purpose-built buildings

Every year around 3,000 people have a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest outside a hospital in Norway. Many of these can be saved with quick and adequate treatment. Nannestad municipality has many purpose-built buildings such as schools, kindergartens, sports facilities and the like where many people visit every day. Defibrillators are to be deployed in municipal purpose-built buildings throughout the municipality.

Doctor car

Nannestad bygdeliste wants an inter-municipal cooperation to be introduced for an  which is staffed by a doctor and nurse/paramedic, similar to the offer you have in Nedre Romerike. In Nedre Romerike, the “emergency room/legevakten” in many cases goes out to the patients instead of the patients being transported to the emergency room. The goal of the doctor car is to have a better opportunity to examine and treat patients at home, which we believe both provides security for the patient, especially the elderly and disabled, and that a number of hospital admissions can be avoided.

The car will mainly be the emergency room’s resource for handling sick visits, but can also be used for urgent assignments at the request of AMK, if the car is the nearest resource.

Comprehensive and predictable 24-hour emergency services

The on-call scheme in Nannestad during the day, Monday to Friday, rotates between the doctor’s offices in the municipality. This helps to increase the burden on GPs who are already in a pressured situation. The current arrangement means that the doctors in some cases have to rush out and thus the patients in the waiting room have to wait. Nannestad bygdeliste will work to ensure that the municipality gets a more comprehensive and predictable emergency room offer around the clock.

General practitioner for everyone

The GP system in Norway is under severe pressure, also in Nannestad. Nannestad bygdeliste will work to ensure that all residents of the municipality who wish to have the opportunity to have their GP in the municipality.


The development of pedestrian and cycle paths, as well as the road network and the public transport system, must be prioritized in a responsible manner. Pressure must be put on central authorities so that they take on more of the costs of developing this.

There will be an investment in footpaths and cycle paths between workplaces and homes. It is good for the environment, health and gives increased freedom of choice.

Municipal roads, infrastructure and winter maintenance

Citizens and business need good infrastructure. Nannestad bygdeliste will work for better maintenance and upgrading of the road network throughout the municipality. Winter maintenance on the municipal roads in the municipality must rise to an acceptable level. The preparedness must be good enough and the winter maintenance must be organized in such a way that the municipality provides passable roads for the residents. The allocations for winter maintenance must at all times be large enough to cover the need.

Public transport

Nannestad bygdeliste will constantly work for good bus connections in the municipality. This applies particularly in connection with the large development areas along Åsvegen.

Cross connection

Nannestad bygdeliste sees the necessity of building a new cross connection from Nannestadvegen to Åsvegen. Here we believe that the county council must step in.

Pedestrian and cycle paths

Nannestad bygdeliste will work to expand the network of pedestrian and cycle paths throughout Nannestad, and in that way link the municipality’s various towns together. It is also important to expand the pedestrian and cycle paths in the municipality from a public health perspective.

Third runway

Nannestad bygdeliste is positive about a third runway at Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen is an economic engine in the entire region and employs many people. Not only inside the airport, but also in the nearby municipalities. This affects migration to our municipality and the rest of the region. If you have three runways, the planes don’t have to circle around while waiting for free capacity when a runway is closed due to snow removal or other maintenance. The further development at the airport must of course be followed carefully and the environmental requirements we set must not be any less in the future than today.


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, and greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced a lot and quickly if we are to avoid the worst consequences.

Throughout the earth’s long history, the climate has changed many and many times, and this has always had consequences for natural diversity. The man-made climate changes that are happening now are rapid, which means that many species will not have time to adapt, and will instead die out. Threats to the climate and natural diversity must be met both internationally, nationally and locally.

The municipality must have an active role in the conservation of biological diversity. The fact that we have already reduced natural diversity, among other things by dividing up contiguous natural areas, also makes nature far less equipped to deal with climate change. The nature and cultural landscape in our village are sources of joy and experience. We must use these riches in a way that preserves them and does not wear them down.

The municipalities play a central role in land management in Norway. In order for the municipalities to contribute to halting the loss of natural diversity, those who work there must have sufficient capacity, good natural science expertise and knowledge of the natural environment in the municipality. This applies to bureaucrats as well as politicians. Money must be spent on skills development for both of these two groups.

Nannestad bygdeliste praises the environmental commitment of today’s children and young people. They are obviously tired of politicians who take far too long to go from words to action.

Alien species

Species spread naturally in nature, but an alien species has been helped across a dispersal barrier, be it an ocean, a mountain range or a river. One in ten alien species becomes a problem because it dominates nature and displaces the diversity of species that were there before.

Nannestad bygdeliste is very positive about the good work that is currently being done in the municipality to combat alien species, both by various voluntary organizations with municipal and state involvement. The efforts and funds for this good purpose must be continued.

Nature conservation

Nannestad bygdeliste will work to ensure that consideration zones for natural diversity are created. We will also work to obtain a systematic overview of nature types and species diversity throughout the municipality. We will pay particular attention to valuable nature types such as wetlands/marsh areas/ravines etc. Nannestad has different nature types with a great diversity of species. Red list species have been registered, i.e. species that are threatened. But there are also large areas that have not been properly investigated, where there are certainly several habitat types and species that have a claim to protection. Therefore, thorough investigations of species diversity should be carried out before building new, large areas. In such matters, we take a precautionary approach. We have a duty to take care of the natural diversity in Nannestad. This is a responsibility that Norwegian law imposes on us. It is also a responsibility we have towards those who come after us.

The opportunity to expand an area comes again and again, but a species can only be exterminated once. After that, it is gone forever. We must realize that there are real conflicts between nature conservation and business interests. In cases of doubt, when we do not know the consequences of a measure, it must be up to business interests to prove that the measure is not harmful to natural diversity.


What is left of Bjørkemåsan must be preserved as the important and unique landscape element it actually is in terms of both greenhouse gases, precipitation buffers and natural diversity.


Nannestad bygdeliste wants Nannestad municipality to appear as a good employer, service provider and regulatory authority. We will promote a good and trusting relationship between the municipality and the residents. We want a transparent administration, and that the proceedings should be simple and good. Simplification and streamlining must not affect the quality of the services.

Quality of municipal services

Nannestad’s aim is to come out well in surveys of how residents perceive the municipality’s service quality. This can help make Nannestad an attractive place to move to. It is an important part of the quality of municipal services that citizens understand the information they receive. Therefore, all information from the municipality must be easy to read and easy to understand. Nannestad bygdeliste believes that an important key to service quality is proximity to the residents. Citizens must feel that case managers and service providers are available and that it is possible to talk to them.

Nannestad must be a yes municipality!

Public laws, regulations and regulations are often inflexible, and take little account of the situation the individual finds himself in. We want the provisions to be interpreted as broadly as possible. If, based on the current provisions, a case manager has to refuse an application, he or she must at the same time assess what opportunities the applicant has to be successful. If there are such possibilities, the applicant must be informed about it.

Municipal employees

Employees must be taken seriously and must have the opportunity to express themselves and be heard about working conditions, also in their own workplace in relation to change, development and reorganisation. Nannestad bygdeliste will work for as many full-time positions as possible, and so that no one will have to be employed in a part-time position, unless it is a wish from the employee himself.

Municipal property and businesses

The municipality has gradually acquired many properties. If there is no longer any clear purpose for the ownership, the property must be sold. If the municipality buys new properties, there must be a clearly defined municipal purpose. The municipality shall not engage in the purchase and sale of properties/plots, but shall facilitate the development of property for private individuals.

If the municipality does not have the money to maintain the properties, they should be sold. There must be a binding maintenance plan for all municipal properties, and a clearer maintenance plan must be in place for all municipal buildings than is the case today. This also applies to outdoor areas and sports facilities connected to municipal properties.

The municipality also has interests in a number of businesses. In such cases too, there must be a clearly defined purpose for the ownership. If no clear purpose is found, the ownership interests must be liquidated. The same applies if the purpose can be achieved better in other ways.

No to property tax

Nannestad bygdeliste clearly says no to property tax in Nannestad. We believe that property tax is an anti-social tax, which hits blindly at all levels of society.

Allotment holders in Nannestad must be treated equally

The social and economic injustices caused by land registration and the Land Registration Act in Nannestad must be reduced. Allotment holders in Nannestad municipality must be treated equally.

Municipal taxes

Municipal services within construction and property matters, water, sewage and waste disposal must be delivered at self-cost. Nannestad bygdeliste will work hard to ensure that the residents of Nannestad have the lowest possible housing costs. The municipality must pursue a responsible and sober financial policy.

No to municipal mergers

Nannestad bygdeliste clearly says no to municipal mergers.


Nannestad bygdeliste believes that residents should help decide on important local matters.

In practice, we constantly experience that local politicians are overruled by central authorities. This happens right down to the level of detail in individual cases.

We must follow the laws and regulations adopted by the Storting, but laws and regulations must always be interpreted in each specific case. When there is room for it, it will be the local politicians in Nannestad who will make the final decision. Nannestad bygdeliste will work for a strong and vibrant local democracy.

Use your right to vote in September!

Support local democracy and exercise your right to vote in the elections in September. Your vote counts and this is how you can help decide who will govern Nannestad municipality for the next four years.

Use your right to vote in September.

Greetings from all of us

Nannestad bygdeliste

Good luck for the municipal elections!